Boot Socks For Baby Girl

Stripey boot socks for BG

Socks are uncharted territory for me.  Although I’ve long admired sock knitters, doing their thing with what to me sometimes looks like toothpicks and sewing thread, socks only came up as a knitting thing for me last spring, mainly because I wanted something small and portable to carry around with me.  I started with yoga socks, made a few pairs from a pattern, then created my own knit and crochet versions, which are listed for sale as made to order items on Etsy.  After that, I got more ambitious, and  moved on to tubes with toes, and finally, a pair with a gusset heel- and hated the heel business.  Put socks aside for a while.

Baby Girl has a pair of boots that were given to her by one of the Big Sisters last year, that are still just a bit too big.  She loves them though, and they look great with many of her fall outfits.  She wants to wear them every time we go out.  Now I myself always buy my boots a size or two too large, simply because my toes get frozen unless I wear at least two pairs of socks in winter weather, so I think that perhaps thick socks might be a solution to Baby Girl’s boots being a bit loose.  Since I’ve made her several pairs of legwarmers and slippers in the past, I figured a pair of baby boot socks wouldn’t be that big of a hassle.  I decided to do a tube sock, not exactly chickening out from doing a heel (who’s kidding who? Completely chickening out…) but to make the socks wearable for longer.  I had a cute, washable sport-weight variegated yarn in shades of brown and turquoise, and decided to do the toe in a coordinating worsted to add some durability and a little bit of bulk to it, and also to use the same worsted on the ribbed cuff.

Closeup BG boot sock toe

With size 4 double-pointed needles, I cast on 36 stitches in the solid color, joined in the round, and worked K3 P3 ribbing for 2 inches.  I then changed to the variegated yarn and worked stockinette stitch in the round for 7 inches. I then changed back to the solid color and worked 1 round in stockinette before starting decreases for a 36 stitch star toe.  With 12 stitches left I cut the working yarn to about 8 inches and threaded it into a yarn needle, which I then passed through the remaining stitches and pulled tight.  After weaving in the ends and blocking, Baby Girl has a pair of 10 inch striped boot socks.  That she loves.  Super simple.  Now that I’m back on the sock train, I really want to master at least one of the methods for knitting them two-at-a-time.  And since I’ve recently improved my skills at short-rowing, maybe I’ll try that kind of heel next.

In the meantime, I think BG needs a hat to go with these.


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