Sew on and sew forth…


Remant dress close


My part-time job at local unnamed big-box craft supply store definitely has its perks.One great thing about working there is the crafting expertise of my fellow employees – if there’s something I’m having trouble with creatively, chances are someone at work has done a similar piece and can offer some insight.  Besides the employee discount, I get to know what’s going on sale the following week, and I sometimes even get to see what’s being sold as a remnant before it hits the remnant rack.  Since we sell about a million adorable fabrics, I have no shortage of inspiration.


Fabric remnants have always been one of my favorite things, and now I find that they are especially good for making small Baby Girl-sized items.  I recently broke out the Singer to do up some clothes for her out of a few very cute fabrics that I was able to get at excellent prices.  Although I’d bought a couple of patterns during a recent sale, I decided that since it had been a while since I’d done any major sewing, I’d start off with something really simple, and save the patterns for when my sewing muscles are back in shape.  A peasant-style in cozy flannels seemed to be about right.


After prewashing and drying the fabric, I used the four-rectangle method to cut out front, back, and two sleeves from two coordinating flannel remnants, one a pink dot and one a soft yellow with a flower-and-button motif in pink and white.  I took Baby Girl’s measurements, added  slight ease to the sleeves and more to the body pieces, for that old-world style pouf.   I then cut wide stripes of the sleeve material, gathered it, and attached to the bottom of the front and back for a ruffle. After cutting curved wedges for the armholes, I stitched the shoulders together, added a casing to neck and sleeves, and put in elastic.  Finally, I created an embellishment of the floral motif with a fabric cutout and a cute little button. SP says she looks like a baby in a museum portrait because of the blousiness, and Baby Girl very much likes her “pink poca nuts” outfit.  I very much like that it’s quite cozy and warm, and cost almost nothing to make:

Flannel dress


I still have some leftover bits of these fabrics, just enough for something small, or maybe I’ll start saving pieces for that rag quilt I’ve been wanting to make?  Next up for sewing, some more Baby Girl items, this time I might even use a pattern….


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