Sunshine days

Spring has finally arrived here in NEPA, and our yard sure shows it.  There is hardly a corner that isn’t bursting forth in outrageous color, for example, our two forsythia shrubs, one pictured here from our front step:




We also enjoy the different colors and bloom times of several varieties of spring bulbs.  The show started with purple and white crocus in mid-April, and will go on right up until the peonies and mock orange begin to visit us in June.  Some of this week’s specialties:

Yellow, white, and apricot daffodils:


Red tulips:

red spring tulips












Of course, all this glorious blooming and long-awaited warm weather has inspired some fiber creations in the form of warm-weather footwear; some knit, some crochet, and some (my favorites!) both at once.  These little babies are both fun and quick to make, with lots of room for improvisation, while celebrating the spring blossoms and colors with a little flower child style.

Barefoot sandals (crochet):



Yoga socks (knit):


Tricolor knit yoga sock


Barefoot yoga sandal sock (crochet and knit combined):




Last ones pictured are my new favorite thing,shown on Baby Girl, who loves them.  It’s a marriage of knit and crochet, joining a crochet flower instep and thong with a handknit cuff.  I like that they have a bit more structure than the ankle-tied sandals, and the flat cuff instead of a knotted tie means they can be comfortably used for summer yoga, or worn with other footwear on not-so-warm spring days or chilly nights.  They also look adorable with BG’s new summer dresses, and even seem to dress up my funky old garden sandals a little bit.

Putting knit and crochet together in the same project is not something that’s done very often these days, but it seems to have been fairly common in the past, as an investigation of my vintage pattern book collection shows.  Based on the fun I’m having doing these summer socks, I’ll probably be combining the two techniques in some larger projects in the future.



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