Hanging With Houseplants

Continuing on my mission to discover how many useful items I can create with yarn, now carried on alongside my newer mission of how many types of yarn can I create:

Along the course of this spring’s clean/organize/decorate binge, I took down the mini-blinds in the kitchen to wash them, and realized that the kitchen in my house gets much more light without blinds. Now our neighbors are sort of close, with the houses on our block lined up pretty much side by side…so I knew we had to have some kind of privacy barrier, but wanted to allow in as much natural light as possible. Solution? Live plants hung in front of the windows.

I already had one houseplant hanging in the kitchen, to keep it safe from a very nosy cat, and several others scattered about on high shelves, also as a safeguard against said cat (She has a thing about dirt in flowerpots and has taken out a number of plants, including baby tomatoes, a not so lucky bamboo, and a beautiful amarylis in full bloom!). One of those houseplants, a spider plant named “Lucy”, had begun to produce multiple babies, and was also in desperate need of repotting. I had a couple of herbs starting as seeds to eventually go out in the garden, that also needed some decent light and cat protection.

So I knew I needed a lot of plant hangers, as well as a way to string them all up safely, since there is only one plant bracket on each window. I got out white and blue t-shirt yarns (made by me, yay!), gathered up some other stash and scrap yarns, mostly in cotton, and got to work creating a bunch of different sized plant hangers. I used both crochet and some very basic macarame skills dimly remembered from my 80s-era Girl Scouts time. I liked the results of my efforts so much, I will probably do some in more weatherproof fiber to hang outdoor plants.

Crochet can hangerMini macrame in project scrapsT-shirt yarn miniMacrame crochet recycled t-shirts

Meantime, to create my “green curtain”, I removed the exisiting valances and curtain rods, and hung two extra strong drapery rods that I’d purchased at a discount store for about $3 each. These rods are in a dark brown color instead of white, and stand out less than the old white ones.  I hung the plant hangers using a combination of wooden rings and rustic metal shower curtain hooks, both of which I had on hand around the house, and knew where they were, thanks to my rigorous efforts at decluttering all cabinets, closets and junk drawers.  After hanging a few plants, I made space for additions and increased the ” curtain ” effect by adding a few more empty plant hangers.  I then put up a few of the small mirrors I have collected in the center wall space between windows, to bounce the light around, depending on the time of day.

I’m really just loving the natural light in the room, and I have also noticed that the mirrors increase the nighttime glow from my recently painted chandelier.  Next up for this part of the house: a DIY repair of the old screen door on the stair landing to our second floor… Soon we’ll have light AND cross-ventilation!

green curtain

green curtain2

green curtain3


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