About photo KM Laurito

Things I love…

I love all things artistic, but especially the fiber arts, knitting, crocheting, pattern design, and most recently handspinning my own yarn out of various materials.

 I love DIY-ing – well, pretty much everything… besides my yarny pursuits, I utilize my collection of antique cookbooks to work some old-fashioned cooking and canning magic – often with a modern twist.

 I love finding inspiration in the everyday here;  when the “doing” of the DIY is finished, most of my projects end up inspiring a fiber creation.

 I love my life here in the Big Red Brick House, a kit – style foursquare which occupies much of my time with various repairs and restorations.

 I love our garden, where we grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs, organically and right here in the city!

 I love my adopted hometown of Scranton, Pennslvania, and the deep history of our local culture.  Northeastern Pennsylvania, or “NEPA” as it’s frequently called, is a region so influenced by the now-extinct coal and manufacturing industries, it seems in some ways unchanged by the passage of time. Though the mines, furnaces, and factories are now closed, they left behind reminders in the form of lovely, mostly empty Industrial Revolution-era buildings, a landscape dotted with sadly beautiful crumbling breakers and decaying rail lines, and a make-do practicality, seasoned with a bit of salty and cynical humor, the local flavor.

 I love my husband, Sweet Petunia, and our 6 ( yep, count ’em – 6! ) kids, our huge extended family on both sides, our friends that have become like family over the years, our 2 rescue cats, and our 1970 Oldsmobile.


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